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Craig R. McCollum


Just Resolutions
960 Toro Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Phone Number:

(805) 543-4648 or (805) 542-0427

E-mail Address: or


$500 per hour

Administrative Costs:

Billed as incurred


$150 per day for neutral conference room if no conference room provided by counsel or court.


2 hour minimum deposit required- due five business days prior to hearing

Cancellation Policy:

Deposit will be refunded if notice of cancellation given at least 21 business days before hearing, otherwise, $250 deposit.
Payment Responsibility: All parties shall share fees and costs on a pro-rata basis unless otherwise agreed in writing. I will require a written agreement to be signed.

Years in law practice:

19 years in civil litigation.

Years as arbitrator:

15 years.
Number of arbitrations conducted: well over 100.
Subject matter of arbitrations conducted: Personal Injury, Governmental Liability, Product Liability, Real Estate, Employment Dispute/Wrongful Termination,

Areas of expertise:

All of areas listed above, as well as medical and real estate errors and omissions.
Additional Information: Mr. McCollum is a principal with Just Resolutions. See attached biography.
Panelist Information Updated: December 27, 2021
Biography: Craig R. McCollum

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